A Place for Local Umpires, including those in
Little League to gather, discuss, share and learn.
Local League Calgary Umpires (LLCU)

This site will bring to you local umpire items such as
information about clinics, resources etc. in Calgary

Reference Files

60 & 90 foot mechanics
manuals and other files

Links and More Links

Coming Soon!


Calgary Umpires
Discussion Group

An email forum where you can discuss rules, what happened on a diamond and more!
(under rebuilding - not open)


LInks to online quizzes!
Test your knowledge, learn the rules a little more in depth and more!

Coming Soon!

Mechanics Training

This Section is Brand New!
And will grow bigger and bigger.

Test your umpire mechanics knowledge

Request Help

Place a direct request to the moderators of this page for help with your umpiring.
This can include personal rule help, mentoring and more.

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